Three Rodent Control Process - 3 Step Process

Step 1: Rodent Inspection

Our trained Rodent Inspector will carefully and thoroughly inspect the entire home from top to bottom to identify all current and potential entry points for rats and mice and other rodents. The typical careful inspection takes around 30-60 minutes for homes under 3,000 square feet. 


This includes: crawl spaces, attics, roofs, exterior perimeter, garages, basements, below any accessible decks, any structures attached to the home, and the interior of the home. Photos are taken of rodent damage and rodent entry points. 

  • Crawl spaces

  • Attics

  • Roofs

  • Exterior perimeter

  • Garages

  • Basements

  • Underneath decks

  • Structures attached to homes

  • And the interior of your home


Following the inspection, your inspector will carefully explain their comprehensive digital rodent proofing report to you. This report details how Integrity Rodent Proofing can clean out and repair all damage and entry/exit points from rodents. Also includes a detailed report of the structure indicating all entry points and damage, as well as digital photos of infested areas such as attics and crawlspaces. We provide these aids so you can understand the work required, and see exactly where and what repairs are needed.


Additionally, your rodent inspector will provide a sanitation report on damage to your insulation, ductwork, and vapor barrier. On top of that, they will answer any questions you have, and schedule rodent proofing and sanitation if needed, which is the next step in our process.

Step 2: Proofing & Sanitation

Our next step is to keep rodents out of your home through proofing repairs. Your rodent inspector will provide a detailed report to give to our trained proofing team. Following this detailed plan, the proofing team will make all necessary repairs to seal all current and potential entry points using rodent-proofing construction grade material.

Next we will bring in our team of trained sanitation experts to remove all rodent-contaminated materials. To begin, we will remove all damaged insulation. (If Needed, sometimes a spot clean will do the job) After the contaminated and/or insulation has been removed, we will clean up:

  • Rodent feces

  • Nesting sites

  • Damaged plastic vapor barriers

  • And more 


After we have spot cleaned or removed infested insulation, sanitized, and deodorized the affected areas, we will then reinstall new, up-to-code insulation materials. Our goal is to leave your home in better condition than we found it!


Step 3: Check Trap Process


After the proofing repairs and sanitation is complete, Integrity will send out one of our follow-up inspectors to re-inspect all proofing repairs made to the home to make sure no new entry points were created by rodents and check the traps that were set after the initial work was complete removing any remaining trapped rodents from your home. We will come out every 3-5 days, on average 3-5 visits over 2-4 weeks until the infestation is eradicated.   

Service That Comes With A Guarentee 

Integrity Rodent Proofing offers a warranty on qualifying rodent control. Any problems while on the NO RODENT Guarentee or Rodent Protection Plan will be retreated until the problem is resolved. Integrity Rodent Proofing takes pride in being committed to doing the right thing for your family and ours. Our motto is “We Treat Your Home Like We would Treat Our Own!

Cities We Service:​ 

Folsom, Napa, El Dorado Hills, Sonoma, Granite Bay, Davis, Roseville, Dixon, Novato, St. Helena, Rocklin, Yountville,

Auburn, Petaluma, Sacramento, West Sacramento, Woodland, Orangevale, Vacaville, Carmichael and More!